This page will continue to grow as new questions are asked. We will tackle the most common ones below. If you have a question, please use the Contact page to get in touch!

Are you part of a slate of candidates?

No - I provide an independent voice for Wards 3 and 4. I will be proud to collaborate with the other elected trustees to work towards the common goal of improving our public education system.

How is your campaign being funded?

In order to remain an independent voice, I will be personally screening any potential donors who would like to contribute to my campaign. I am doing this to ensure that our values align prior to accepting any form of funding. While this does limit the amount of money I can put to use, it also ensures I can focus on listening to community issues. A donation option has been added to the Get Involved segment of the website to help facilitate this process.

In keeping with my value of transparent communication, I have decided to provide my campaign contribution list in advance of the normal disclosure process. You will notice that I have accepted relatively few donations - this is a result of my rigorous screening process to ensure each donor agrees with and supports my values. As a teacher (a unionized professional), I am proud to have been supported by union and labour groups. I am also thankful to my husband's boss, Simon Bregazzi, for stepping forward to provide support. While I greatly appreciate the support I have received, I continue to responsibly steward my campaign finances towards the budget I laid out in June.

$1 - $99

  • None

$100 - $1000

  • Simon Bregazzi
  • Alberta Federation of Labour
  • CUPE - Calgary District Council

$1001 - $2000

  • Calgary & District Labour Council

What is your position on the proposed North Central High School?

I am passionate about advocating for a public high school to be built in the Northern Hills. Having a neighbourhood high school allows our students to trade their commutes for the opportunity to be involved in extracurricular activities at school or to pursue employment at local businesses. It leads to young adults taking pride in their communities. This creates a stronger sense of belonging within the school, increases self-confidence, and improves performance in the classroom. I have a vested interest in getting this school built as it will be my children's designated school. I will be working with the local advocacy group for the high school, local and provincial elected representatives, and the team of CBE trustees to push this forward.

How can we ensure students understand the mathematics curriculum?

As a former high school mathematics teacher, I feel it is very important to make math fun and interesting for all. The most effective way to do this is to develop teachers who are confident and passionate about teaching mathematics. I am pleased to note that the CBE has made mathematics a priority for professional development this school year, and it will be my job as trustee to ensure funding in accessible for this initiative. In addition, I have proactively begun engaging with local teachers, community members, and subject matter experts who want to support our educators by increasing teacher confidence in mathematics. Our teachers deserve the opportunity to grow their skills, and I believe that inspired educators make all the difference in ensuring our students succeed.